Brazil’s Disturbing UFO Mystery


Today, we delve into a bizarre and spine-chilling story that unfolded in Brazil during the 1980s. It’s a tale of a shocking discovery that sent the nation into a state of panic. The Brazilian government attempted to suppress this eerie narrative, deeming it too sensitive for the public’s ears. But, as we often find in these strange stories, the truth can’t stay hidden forever. Join us as we uncover the unsettling events that transpired around a reservoir in southern Brazil and the paranormal connections that will send shivers down your spine.

Chapter 1: The Reservoir Discovery

It all started on the fateful afternoon of September 29th, 1988. A ten-year-old boy named Francisco was exploring the perimeter of a man-made lake nestled in southern Brazil. Armed with nothing but a stick, he embarked on one of his favorite post-school activities: bug hunting. This lake, part of the Billings Reservoir in São Paulo, was his haven for this curious pastime. The reservoir was vast, winding like a river with slender branches protruding from its sides. As Francisco meandered along one of these narrow offshoots, he couldn’t have known that his world was about to be turned upside down.

While poking at the muddy ground in search of insects, Francisco stumbled upon a peculiar find. It was an enormous water scorpion, nearly two inches in length. Without diverting his gaze from the captivating creature, Francisco retrieved a clear container from his backpack, carefully captured the water scorpion, and sealed it within. His curiosity satisfied, he shifted his attention to something unusual occurring on the other side of the lake, visible through the transparent container.

Chapter 2: The Enigmatic Vultures

Across the water, a group of vultures had assembled in a circular formation along the water’s edge. Francisco’s fascination with these scavengers overtook his excitement for the water scorpion. Vultures signaled death, and Francisco couldn’t resist the urge to investigate. However, there was a problem; he couldn’t reach the other side of the lake without swimming, and returning home soaked would mean certain trouble with his mom. Frustration welled up inside Francisco as he realized the dead thing drawing the vultures’ attention was out of reach.

Determined to uncover the mystery, Francisco devised a plan. Grabbing a nearby rock, he hurled it toward the vultures, attempting to splash water near them and scare them away. But the first stone had little effect, as the vultures merely turned to stare at him before resuming their macabre congregation. Francisco was undeterred; he gathered a pile of twenty-five rocks and unleashed them one after the other. Finally, the chaos he had created on the opposite side of the lake forced the vultures to take flight, revealing the grotesque secret they had circled.

Chapter 3: The Horrifying Discovery

With the vultures dispersed, Francisco finally laid eyes on the source of their morbid interest. At first, he believed it might be a bird or some small animal common to the area, but as he drew closer, he realized it bore no resemblance to any such creature. It lacked fur, feathers, and its pallid appearance seemed eerily out of place. The dreadful truth dawned on Francisco; he was gazing upon a dead human being.

Terror gripped him, and without wasting a moment, Francisco hastily packed his belongings, turned on his heels, and sprinted to the nearest village. There, he cried out for help, igniting a chain of events that would soon engulf the area with law enforcement and concerned villagers. The region had a dark history, with gangs using the reservoir as a burial site for their murder victims. Francisco’s discovery raised alarm bells, and the authorities swarmed the scene within hours.

Chapter 4: The Shrouded Mystery

Ordinarily, when a body surfaced in or near the reservoir, local authorities would engage the onlookers, offering insights into the victim’s identity and the circumstances surrounding their demise. However, this time was different. The police maintained an unusual veil of secrecy, blocking access to the body and refusing to divulge any information to the curious villagers. Questions went unanswered, and locals were left in the dark, baffled by the law enforcement’s behavior.

As days passed, the vigil continued, but the authorities remained tight-lipped. When the sun dipped below the horizon, the police vanished, leaving no trace that a body had ever occupied the site. It was as if the entire area had been meticulously sanitized. The villagers, unable to comprehend the bizarre turn of events, returned home, expecting to learn more about the incident from the news. However, no news coverage emerged, leaving the most skeptical villagers perplexed and disheartened.

Chapter 5: The Rumors and Speculations

Weeks turned into months, and the incident at the reservoir faded into obscurity. It was as if the ominous event had never transpired. Locals scoured television news, radio broadcasts, and newspapers, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious case, but their efforts were in vain. The story remained shrouded in silence, sparking rumors and conjecture among the inhabitants.

One prevalent rumor suggested that the deceased man was a local fisherman who had disappeared three days prior to Francisco’s discovery. According to the rumor, the fisherman, a heavy drinker, had ventured to the reservoir, where excessive alcohol consumption led to his demise. However, this explanation failed to align with the authorities’ inexplicable secrecy. A drunken fisherman’s death was hardly a sensitive matter, raising doubts about the true circumstances surrounding the body’s discovery.

Chapter 6: The Startling Revelations

The shroud of silence endured until 1994, when an unknown source within the Brazilian government decided it was time to unveil the unsettling truth. Leaked photos and an autopsy report, concealed from the public for six years, finally emerged. As these documents reached the media, it became abundantly clear that the man found in the reservoir in 1988 was not a mere victim of drunkenness or gang violence. Instead, a disturbingly paranormal dimension seemed to permeate his demise.

The autopsy report unveiled gruesome details about the man’s physical state. He bore four perfectly circular holes, ranging from one to one-and-a-half inches in diameter, drilled into his body. Two were situated above his chest, resembling armpit-level incisions, while one occupied his belly button’s former location. Another marked the area of his groin. These holes exhibited surgical precision, hinting that advanced medical tools had been employed in their creation.

Even more chilling, the autopsy revealed that most of the man’s internal organs were missing, having been extracted through these unnerving openings. His blood had been drained, and he bore additional surgical alterations: one ear was removed, an eye had been plucked from its socket, and the lower portion of his face had been surgically excised. However, the most horrific detail lay in the discovery of the man’s vagus nerve, which exhibited erratic activity at the time of his death, indicative of unspeakable pain endured before his heart ceased beating.

Chapter 7: The UFO Connection

To fully grasp the significance of these revelations, we must delve into a peculiar aspect of Brazilian history—the prevalence of UFO sightings. Brazil boasts an astonishing number of reported unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings, often documented by the military itself. The Brazilian government even established a program dedicated to monitoring UFO sightings, a testament to the frequency of such encounters within the country. One particular UFO sighting event, known as “The Night of the UFO,” garnered international attention in May 1986.

During this enigmatic night, multiple UFO sightings occurred simultaneously across four Brazilian states. At approximately 8:15 PM, an air traffic controller at an international airport in São Paulo observed three red lights hovering above the airport. This prompted a scramble of fighter jets to investigate the mysterious objects, which displayed remarkable evasive maneuvers, vanishing and reappearing over 20 meters away within mere seconds. These UFOs exhibited capabilities far beyond human technological achievements, defying the laws of physics.

Chapter 8: The Sinister Connection

The mysterious events of “The Night of the UFO” raised numerous questions and stirred widespread intrigue. However, the government’s official response was that they had no knowledge of the origin or purpose of these UFOs. While the people of Brazil were initially astounded by these unexplained phenomena, they eventually accepted the government’s assurance that everything would be handled appropriately, and life resumed its normal course.

Nonetheless, the story took a sinister turn in the following years. Farmers living in areas where UFO sightings had been prevalent began reporting a distressing trend—cattle mutilations. Cattle within these UFO sighting zones were found dead with peculiar circular holes drilled into their bodies, organs removed, and facial features surgically altered. A chilling theory began to circulate: if UFOs were responsible for cattle mutilations, what prevented them from targeting humans?

Chapter 9: The Government’s Secret

The discovery of the man in the reservoir in 1988, bearing strikingly similar injuries to the mutilated cattle, raised alarms within the Brazilian government. The man’s bizarre condition, combined with his location in a known UFO sighting area, prompted the authorities to take drastic measures. They decided to conceal the story, keeping the truth hidden from the public. The police’s unwavering secrecy at the scene, the absence of news coverage, and the disappearance of any trace of the incident were all part of a concerted effort to prevent panic and maintain control.

Chapter 10: The Unveiling of the Paranormal

Despite the government’s efforts, the truth could not remain hidden forever. In 1994, photos and the autopsy report were leaked, shedding light on the eerie events surrounding the man in the reservoir. The evidence suggested a sinister connection between UFOs, cattle mutilations, and the gruesome fate of the man in Brazil. However, as is often the case with such paranormal phenomena, the story fell into the realm of conspiracy theories, casting doubt and skepticism upon these unsettling revelations.


The disturbing discovery in Brazil remains a chilling enigma, shrouded in questions that defy easy answers. While the official narrative dismisses UFO involvement, the eerie connections between cattle mutilations, “The Night of the UFO,” and the man in the reservoir raise haunting possibilities. As we delve into these mysteries, it becomes clear that the paranormal realm holds secrets that continue to elude our understanding, lurking in the shadows of our collective consciousness.

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