Rina Yasutake Mysterious Masterwork: Whole Story

Rina, a linguist and artist lady, lived in Helmsley. She faced mental health struggles, leading to a tragic and mysterious death.

Rina was 49 years old and lived in a house in the village of Helmsley, North Yorkshire for 20 years.

When Rina was a kid, she got many scholarships to go to fancy private schools. After finishing high school, she got a full scholarship to the University of Cambridge, a really famous university.

She could speak Greek, Latin, English, and Japanese fluently and had her own special way of speaking Japanese.

Rina was an amazing artist, and everyone wanted to have her paintings. However, she didn’t sell them often, making them even more special. So, everyone thought Rina would become a very famous artist someday.

Rina’s Family

Rina Yasutake House

Rina had a sister and brother named Yoshika Yasutake, Takahiro Yasutake and her 80 years old mother Michiko Yasutake. Sadly, their father had passed away.

Yoshika used to be a very famous pianist and learned to play the piano at the fancy Royal College of Music in London. She played in big Symphony halls, and sometimes even the royal family watched her and was a really important person in the world of music.

But, Yoshika gave up her piano career when her younger sister, Rina, came back home. Yoshika was an amazing pianist.

Takahiro was 51 years old. He showed how smart he was through his excellent writing.

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What Was Rina Working On?

She was working on a masterpiece.

Her siblings covered her from head to toe with the spirits the bought from pharmacy. They believed this was what she needed in her immobility and silence, trusting that it would help nourish her visionary soul.

What Happened to Rina?

The family, consisting of Rina’s brother Takahiro Yasutake, sister Yoshika Yasutake, and mother Michiko Yasutake, lived an isolated and insular life with no modern communication devices such as a television or radio.

Rina Yasutake, who had attended Cambridge University and studied classics with a specialization in linguistics, had not worked after university, and the family had lived together in Helmsley for 2 decades.

The Yasutake family was described as a tight-knit unit with a significant language barrier, communicating in a unique dialect, even requiring the assistance of a Japanese interpreter.

Rina, was prone to extreme depression and mental illness due to the death of her father. Rina stopped eating, became weaker, and did not want to leave her bed.

Despite encouraging her to eat, the family decided she was on her own path and chose not to seek medical help for fear something might happen to her in the hospital.

When the siblings were regularly purchasing large amounts of surgical spirit, to wash her body which mummified Rina’s body.

The family believed Rina was alive even after her death, and they remained convinced of this for many months.

The pharmacist, noticing the peculiar purchases and detecting a foul smell (Rina’s dead body smell), called the police. An ambulance and police went to the Yasutake home, where the partially-mummified body was discovered.

The coroner, Jon Heath, gave an open verdict into Rina Yasutake’s death, as no clear evidence or expert opinion could determine the cause of death. A previous ruling in 2021 stated that the family would not face trial due to a rare mental affliction, creating a unique situation for the criminal courts.

The story underscores the complexities of mental health, cultural differences, and the challenges of living an isolated lifestyle.

The Story

April 15, 2018, marked when Yoshika Yasutake, a 56-year-old woman, initiated her routine piano cleaning ritual within her family’s impeccably tidy residence in Helmsley’s picturesque English Village. As she customarily did, Yoshika meticulously dusted the piano’s exterior. She gently raised the lid and delicately cleaned each piano key individually. She exercised great caution, ensuring that no key was inadvertently pressed to avoid producing any sound—an outcome she fervently aimed to prevent.

Whenever Yoshika found herself responsible for cleaning the house, she invariably approached the task with trepidation when tending to the piano. Her apprehension stemmed from the fear of inadvertently creating any noise. Once Yoshika had meticulously dusted the piano’s exterior and interior, she gently closed the lid. She then strolled towards a bookshelf near a window and dusted each book. As she diligently worked, the ambient sounds from outside began to seep in through the window—a harmonious blend of chirping birds, passing cars, and distant conversations among people.

Yoshika paused her dusting when she heard this, gazing out the window at the charming town with its quaint row of Stone Cottages along the road. As she observed the village and absorbed its sounds, a profound sense of melancholy washed over her, making her acutely aware of the experiences she was being deprived of.

Yoshika, formerly a renowned world-class pianist who honed her skills at the prestigious Royal College of Music in London, once graced packed Symphony halls with her performances. At times, even members of the royal family would be among her enthralled audience. She truly held a prominent status in the world of music. However, Yoshika had relinquished her piano career due to her younger sister, Rina, returning home.

When Yoshika’s thoughts turned to Rina, anger welled within her, and she instinctively shifted her gaze toward Rina’s closed bedroom door. In that fleeting instant, Yoshika wished Rina hadn’t returned home. Since Rina’s arrival, it seemed as though everyone in Yoshika’s family had collectively decided that nothing else held significance; Rina had become the sole focal point of their attention.

The Yasutake family was made up of Yoshika and, of course, Rina, who was 49 years old. They also had a brother named Takahiro, who was 51 years old. Living with them was their mother, who was 80 years old. Unfortunately, their father had passed away a few years earlier.

During her childhood, Rina received numerous scholarships to exclusive private schools, and upon high school graduation, she earned a full scholarship to the esteemed University of Cambridge, one of the world’s premier universities. Consequently, everyone anticipated Rina’s ascent to becoming a globally renowned artist. Nevertheless, an enigmatic darkness lurked within Rina, something elusive that defied understanding. This darkness would manifest itself during unexpected fits of anger, revealing a facet of her personality that remained incongruent with her overall character.

However, these fleeting bursts of anger would frequently dissipate rapidly. Consequently, individuals tended to dismiss them due to her extraordinary brilliance. Her mind seemed to struggle to cope with her immense intelligence, leading to occasional bouts of frustration and anger. Nevertheless, a profound transformation occurred upon Rina’s graduation from the University of Cambridge and her return home. It was as if something within her had fractured irreparably, and the pieces remained permanently shattered.

A few days after Rina returned home, she experienced an unexpected outburst of anger. However, her anger didn’t subside; it lingered for days. Concerned, her family repeatedly inquired, ‘What’s bothering you so much?’ Yet Rina remained tight-lipped, choosing not to discuss it. Eventually, she retreated to her bedroom within their family home, isolating herself from her family for weeks. When she finally emerged after this extended period, it was evident that Rina had undergone a noticeable transformation.

She avoided conversations with anyone, even her family unless it was essential. She rarely ventured out of her room or the house unless it was an absolute necessity. As it turned out, this wasn’t a passing phase for Rina after college; it became her way of life. She transformed into a complete recluse, spending decades inside her bedroom. To the extent that even the family’s neighbours were unaware of Rina’s existence because she rarely emerged from the confines of her home.

Yoshika shifted her gaze away from her sister’s closed bedroom door, redirecting her focus to the books on the shelf. She completed the dusting, signifying the conclusion of her cleaning tasks. With a gentle touch, she set the duster down. Silently and carefully, Yoshika moved towards Rina’s closed bedroom door, where she tapped lightly, mindful of Rina’s aversion to loud sounds. This aversion had led to Yoshika being prohibited from playing the piano, as it was too noisy for Rina’s liking.

After Yoshika gently rapped on the door, she initiated a silent countdown, per Rina’s instructions: ‘Don’t enter immediately. Knock and patiently wait for at least 30 seconds, then perhaps I’ll grant entry.’ So Yoshika commenced her mental count, progressing from one to two to three. As she reached 25, 26, and 27, Rina’s voice emanated from within the room, granting Yoshika permission to enter.

Yoshika cautiously extended her hand, gradually rotated the doorknob, and gently pushed open her sister’s bedroom door. The room unveiled itself as an entirely dark, confined space. Every shade and blind was tightly drawn, and there, perched upon her bed, sat Rina in profound silence. Keeping her gaze lowered, Yoshika tried to avoid meeting Rina’s eyes, as she was determined not to disturb or distress her sister.

Yoshika entered the room with purpose, heading straight for the table, where she swiftly gathered Rina’s soiled dishes. After completing this task, she turned to exit. In doing so, she discreetly tried to catch a glimpse of what Rina was diligently working on in her bedroom. Rina had shared with her family that she was engrossed in crafting a masterpiece, but she had remained quite cryptic about the details. For this creative endeavour, Rina required a dimly lit room and a tranquil household environment to concentrate exclusively on her magnum opus. The family had pledged their support despite their lack of insight into the nature of this creation. Rina had merely stated that it would be a unique fusion of her existence’s facets—her spirit, body, and soul. She even hinted that the family would play a role in its construction. When her family inquired, “How can we assist you in bringing this masterpiece to fruition?” Rina’s response remained enigmatic: “You’ll discern it when the time is right.”

Yoshika failed to catch a glimpse of the masterpiece, prompting her to swiftly avert her gaze towards the floor. She quietly exited Rina’s room, gently closing the door behind her. Subsequently, in the kitchen, Yoshika deposited Rina’s dishes into the sink. Remarkably, the sink was already spotlessly clean, by one of Rina’s stringent rules that demanded the house remain impeccably tidy—no unwashed dishes, no trace of dust anywhere. This meticulous cleanliness was essential, providing the only conducive environment for Rina to work on her masterpiece.

While Yoshika diligently cleaned and dried Rina’s dishes, her brother Takahiro entered the kitchen. He informed Yoshika that it was time to head out to the market and purchase supplies for Rina to support her ongoing masterpiece project. Although Yoshika felt annoyed at the thought of their outing revolving around Rina’s needs, she pushed those emotions aside and replied to her brother, “Alright, let’s go.”

Takahiro’s perspective on their younger sister, Rina, differed significantly from Yoshika’s. While Yoshika harboured deep resentment towards Rina, feeling that her burgeoning career as a talented pianist had been sacrificed to support Rina’s ambitious masterpiece project, Takahiro held a contrasting viewpoint. He willingly relinquished his writing career to wholeheartedly back Rina, driven by his unwavering belief in her. He saw Rina’s work as a potential magnum opus, a transcendent piece of art destined to leave an indelible mark on the annals of human creativity. Consequently, Takahiro felt a sense of pride in contributing to Rina’s journey, considering himself fortunate to be a part of this artistic endeavour.

At this moment, Takahiro, much like his family members, remained in the dark about the true nature of this remarkable creation. However, Takahiro and Rina had a stronger bond than Rina’s relationship with Yoshika. Consequently, Rina confided in Takahiro about the precise requirements for constructing this masterpiece. Thus, on that particular day, Rina shared a list of items she needed with Takahiro, and he and Yoshika planned to venture out to procure them.

Takahiro and Yoshika hastily donned their jackets and ventured outdoors. Once outside, they instinctively raised their collars, veiling their faces and lowering their heads. They were vigilant and conscious of avoiding eye contact with anyone they encountered. This family had always valued their privacy, but since Rina had come into their lives, they had received explicit instructions to be even more discreet reserved, and refrain from engaging with the outside world. Essentially, whenever they ventured into public, they cloaked themselves in anonymity.

Yoshika and Takahiro proceeded to the pharmacy, discreetly slipping inside. There, they purchased a bottle of surgical spirits, a medical-grade alcohol. After securing their purchase, the siblings raised their collars and ventured outdoors. Their next destination was an antiquated used bookstore, where they acquired a book on palmistry—an art that involves studying the lines on one’s hands to predict the future. Throughout the transaction, even though the cashier attempted conversation, Yoshika and Takahiro maintained their silence and kept their heads down. With their newly acquired book, the brother and sister hastily returned home.

Upon their arrival, they encountered a locked door. However, instead of producing a key to access their home, the brother and sister resorted to knocking and patiently waiting. Eventually, their mother appeared at the door, and they could hear the distinct sound of four locks being disengaged. The door swung open, allowing Yoshika and Takahiro to enter, promptly closing and relocking it behind them. Rina held a firm stance against anyone in the family possessing a house key, deeming it too risky if it got misplaced in town, potentially exposing her prized creation to unwanted eyes. Thus, everyone had to knock whenever they returned home. The four locks on the door were a testament to Rina’s deep concern about intruders stumbling upon her secret work within the house.

Yoshika bore a bag containing essential items: the surgical spirits and a palm reading book. She approached Rina’s shut bedroom door, opting not to knock but instead setting the bag down by the entrance. She pivoted and commenced her departure. Suddenly, the door creaked slightly, prompting Yoshika to spin around swiftly. A slender arm, barely visible from behind the door, extended, snatching the bag before retracting it into the room and locking it shut.

On April 18, 2018, Yoshika was seated in the kitchen three days later, engrossed in a book. At that moment, her attention was drawn to the sound of her brother, Takahiro, conversing with Rina. Interestingly, Takahiro and Rina were not in the same room facing each other. Rina remained tucked away in her bedroom, her door securely closed, while Takahiro sat just outside her bedroom, with his back turned to the door, conversing with Rina through it. This scenario was not unusual because, unlike Yoshika and Rina, who had a distant relationship and rarely spoke, Takahiro and Rina shared a strong bond and frequently engaged in lengthy conversations through the closed bedroom door.

For a brief moment, Yoshika tuned out her brother and sister’s conversation and refocused on her book. However, she soon caught snippets of her brother Takahiro’s words, which struck her as utterly perplexing. Intrigued, she reluctantly set her book aside and began to pay closer attention to him. Takahiro’s perplexing words echoed, ‘How can you do that? It doesn’t make any sense. How does it work, only your soul?’ Yoshika sensed her brother’s confusion and suspected he might be upset about something. Unable to resist her curiosity, she gently closed her book, left her room, and went to the living room where Takahiro sat. She hoped to glean some insight into what was troubling him.

However, when Takahiro glanced up and spotted Yoshika, he and Rina fell into a peaceful silence. Takahiro shook his head, rose from his seat, and departed. After his departure, Yoshika stealthily made her way to the door of Rina’s bedroom. Out of sheer curiosity, she pressed her ear against the wooden surface, hoping to eavesdrop and gain insight into what she had recently overheard. Yet, all that reached her ears was the faint sound of Rina slowly shuffling towards the rear of her room where her bed was located, followed by an eerie silence.

Yoshika stepped away from the door and returned to the kitchen. She settled down with a book in hand, attempting to read. However, her concentration eluded her as an overwhelming wave of melancholy washed over her. The source of Yoshika’s disquiet stemmed from her reflections on their once-unbreakable bond from childhood. At one time, she and Rina had been as close as sisters could be, and even through much of their lives, their friendship had remained steadfast. Even when Rina adopted a more secluded lifestyle, they managed to stay connected. But in 2013, a mere five years ago, an event irreparably shattered their relationship.

On that particular day, Rina emerged from her bedroom, and Yoshika offered to read her sister’s palm. This was a ritual the two sisters engaged in periodically, a unique way for them to connect. Rina willingly presented her hand, and Yoshika gently grasped it, commencing by tracing a lengthy horizontal line across her palm. Rina’s hands bore an uncommon trait known as a Simian line, a rarity among palm features. This distinctive line extended horizontally across the length of her hand. A Simian line could convey exceptionally positive or markedly negative attributes in palmistry. It might signify that the person possessed visionary or mystic qualities, representing the brighter side, or conversely, it could suggest the presence of a severe ailment or a strong inclination towards aggression, portraying the darker aspect.

Rina knew her Simian line and believed it signified something positive, often attributing it to her visionary nature. However, on a particular day in 2013, their family faced a recent ban from a local supermarket. This ban stemmed from Rina’s visit to the market when she became visibly upset with some staff members. She lost her temper, yelling and screaming at them in the heat of the moment. Consequently, the supermarket had banned them from returning. Reflecting on this incident, Yoshika examined Rina’s palm and remarked, ‘Ah, the Simian line. Perhaps this is why you displayed such aggression at the supermarket. It could suggest that you tend to be assertive.

However, when Yoshika made her statement, it deeply offended Rina. In her anger, Rina swiftly recoiled her hand and erupted into a barrage of screams and insults directed at Yoshika. She called her an idiot and declared, “You can’t grasp the vision I hold. One day, I’ll unveil this vision to the world, and you and those fools at the grocery store will never comprehend it.” Rina’s fury escalated as she resorted to physically attacking Yoshika, unleashing a torrent of punches, kicks, and blows. In a state of panic, Yoshika screamed while attempting to shield herself from the onslaught. Eventually, Takahiro, their brother, had to intervene and separate the two of them.

While Rina had a history of occasional angry outbursts, her recent physical outbursts marked a significant departure from her usual behaviour. This raised concerns for Rina’s mother, who wondered if an underlying condition might be responsible for this change. Consequently, she decided to take Rina to see a doctor. After a thorough examination, the doctor ruled out any physical causes but expressed a strong belief that Rina was undergoing a psychological breakdown that warranted psychiatric treatment, possibly even hospitalization. Despite this professional assessment, Rina adamantly refused treatment and blamed Yoshika squarely.

Afterwards, Rina drastically reduced her outings from her bedroom. She used to venture out once every few months, but now she practically lived in there around the clock. Concurrently, Rina imposed new rules for her family to abide by to support her uninterrupted focus on her masterpiece within her bedroom. These rules included relinquishing house keys and installing four additional locks on the door. Moreover, the family was instructed to master a newly invented Japanese dialect created by Rina. This measure ensured that their conversations remained incomprehensible to outsiders, offering them added protection from the perils of the outside world. Furthermore, Rina ensured that her family disposed of all their telephones, televisions, and computers.

Thus, Yoshika lingered in the kitchen, contemplating the sadness of her severed connection with her sister. Regret weighed heavily on her for her unkind words about the Simian line. Nevertheless, in her typical fashion, Yoshika suppressed her emotions regarding Rina. Before she knew it, she had returned to the solace of her book.

Over the following weeks, Yoshika observed a change in her brother Takahiro’s behaviour. He spent more time than usual sitting outside Rina’s bedroom, engaging in hushed conversations with her through the closed door. Additionally, Yoshika noticed that Takahiro had prepared Rina’s meals. Typically, their mother had been in charge of cooking for Rina, but now it seemed that Takahiro had assumed full control of this task.

Regarding Yoshika’s responsibilities, she primarily took on the role of consistently maintaining the household, which included regularly cleaning Rina’s bedroom and gathering her used dishes. However, once Takahiro took over as Rina’s cook, Yoshika observed a growing trend of leftover food on Rina’s plates. This signalled a change in Rina’s eating habits, as she no longer consumed her usual food. Yoshika, becoming increasingly concerned, noted that Rina was already quite petite, measuring just four feet and eleven inches in height and weighing barely 90 pounds. She couldn’t help but worry about Rina’s well-being, thinking that Rina, given her already small stature, couldn’t afford to skip meals.

One day in May, Yoshika entered Rina’s bedroom and noticed that all her dishes were still brimming with the food she had been served, virtually untouched. Normally, Yoshika refrained from speaking to Rina while in her room, but she couldn’t restrain herself on this occasion. Without making eye contact with Rina, Yoshika gathered the plates filled with food and gently advised, “Rina, you really should eat more of your food.”

Rina remained silent while Yoshika swiftly turned and exited the room. However, following this encounter, Takahiro informed Yoshika that Rina preferred her not to enter her room in the future. Consequently, from then on, Rina would leave the dishes for Yoshika to collect just outside the door, ensuring she wouldn’t have to enter the room again.

Moreover, during a similar period, Rina, who typically confined herself to her bedroom and only ventured out for bathroom breaks, started exclusively using the restroom when her family was asleep to avoid contact with them. Consequently, Rina’s interactions with her family dwindled to virtually nothing by this stage.

In early August, Rina increasingly entrusted Takahiro and Yoshika with purchasing additional supplies of surgical spirits and medical-grade alcohol. Although neither Takahiro nor Yoshika were privy to Rina’s intentions for these surgical spirits, they felt obligated to assist her, leading them to continue procuring them.

Their routine involved returning home with bottles in hand. Takahiro would gently push open Rina’s door and discreetly place the bottle inside. Once the bottle was safely tucked away, Rina would keep it for herself, never returning an empty one. Essentially, the bottle went in and remained there.

Then, on August 18, 2018, an altercation between Takahiro and Rina unfolded. Yoshika, who was in the kitchen then, witnessed Takahiro positioned outside the door of Rina’s bedroom engaged in a subdued conversation. Takahiro abruptly rose to his feet at a certain juncture, turned to face the door, and exclaimed, ‘I told you your soul was insufficient.’ In response, Rina uttered a retort, prompting Takahiro to implore, ‘No, please, please,’ as if he were desperately pleading with Rina to reconsider. Before Yoshika could approach Takahiro to inquire about the situation, he swung open the door to Rina’s bedroom and entered. Instantly, an eerie hush descended upon the house.

Yoshika’s nerves prevented her from venturing into the room, so she remained in the kitchen, straining to hear any sounds. Fifteen minutes elapsed in complete silence. Finally, Takahiro emerged from Rina’s bedroom, quietly closing the door behind him. He appeared remarkably composed. Yoshika couldn’t contain her curiosity and asked, “What’s happening?” Takahiro smiled and replied, “Rina’s Masterwork is almost finished.”

Next, Takahiro inquired of Yoshika if she recalled the moment when Rina had remarked, “At some juncture, her magnum opus would necessitate direct familial assistance, but she stated, ‘We will discern when the opportune moment for our involvement arises.'” Yoshika responded, “Indeed, I do recollect that.” Takahiro then declared, “The opportune moment has arrived.”

After Takahiro informed Yoshika of the need to restock surgical spirits, she unquestioningly accompanied him to the store. Together, they procured three times the usual quantity. Upon returning home, Takahiro proceeded alone to Rina’s bedroom with the surgical spirits, shutting the door behind him. Yoshika patiently waited in the kitchen for approximately 10 minutes until Takahiro emerged, no longer holding the surgical spirits.

He approached Yoshika with a message: ‘Rina is open to reconciliation. She’s willing to sit with you by the door and talk. If you agree, you’ll have a chance to play a more significant role in helping her create her Masterwork.’ Upon hearing this, Yoshika experienced mixed emotions: frustration and relief. She had always felt it was unjust how Rina had completely severed ties with her following that ill-fated 2013 Simian line joke during a palm reading session. Furthermore, Rina had imposed immense difficulties on Yoshika over an extended period, forcing her to abandon her dreams of becoming a pianist, forsake her friendships, and relinquish all her life aspirations to support Rina. Yet, despite all these hardships, Yoshika couldn’t deny her deep longing.

So, Yoshika approached Rina’s closed bedroom door and seated herself beside it. Initially, there was a heavy silence; neither Yoshika nor Rina spoke. However, at a certain moment, it seemed as though an emotional dam had burst, and Yoshika began to pour out her feelings of sadness. She spoke about her and Rina’s deteriorating relationship, expressing her desire to mend it. Normally, when Yoshika tried to communicate with Rina through the closed door, whether to drop something off or for any other reason, Rina would often respond by banging on something inside her room, signalling for Yoshika to stop talking and leave.

As Yoshika sat, baring her soul to Rina from outside the door, she couldn’t help but notice the absence of any frantic pounding from within the room. It was clear that Rina was truly listening. The following day, after Yoshika and Takahiro had made another trip to the store to procure more surgical spirits and returned home, there was a significant change. Unlike the previous occasions when only Takahiro was permitted to enter Rina’s bedroom, Yoshika was also welcomed inside.

So, Takahiro and Yoshika entered the dimly lit bedroom where Rina was lying on the bed. Approaching her, Takahiro demonstrated to Yoshika the final step required for Rina’s ambitious Masterwork project. This step entailed applying surgical spirits all over Rina’s body. Although Yoshika didn’t fully comprehend the procedure’s purpose, she deeply respected Rina’s meticulous plan. In truth, Yoshika cherished the opportunity to contribute to the creation of this masterpiece and refrained from posing any inquiries.

“After the brother and sister had applied the alcohol to Rina for approximately 10 minutes, they returned outdoors and closed the door behind them. However, Yoshika remained seated against the door, pouring her heart out to Rina again. It proved to be an immensely therapeutic experience. In many respects, this marked the initial instance when Yoshika felt happiness again. She was, at last, on the path to mend her relationship with Rina.

In the following weeks, this routine became Yoshika’s new daily habit. She and her brother would acquire surgical spirits, return home, and apply them to Rina, and throughout the day, Yoshika would pause by the door to engage in conversations with Rina through it. That was the extent of it.

Then, on September 25, 2018, after Yoshika and Takahiro applied surgical spirits to Rina’s body, Yoshika revealed an extraordinary surprise to Rina. Yoshika’s spirits were unusually high that day for two reasons: first, she was genuinely thrilled about her newfound closeness with her sister, and second, during an earlier visit to the pharmacy with her brother, an unexpected and talkative encounter had transpired with the pharmacist who had sold them the surgical spirits. Typically, Yoshika and her brother kept a low profile, avoiding any conversation, but on this particular occasion, Yoshika decided to converse with the pharmacist.

Their conversation lacked substance, primarily revolving around the pharmacist’s inquiry to Yoshika about her frequent purchases of surgical spirits. Yoshika’s response was a simple explanation: “Oh, they’re for my sister, Rina. She requires more and more of them daily, working on something special. We’re not quite sure what it entails, but we’re confident that whatever she’s doing will be worthwhile.” Despite its apparent insignificance, this exchange held significance for Yoshika, who rarely interacted with others; it gave her a sense of connection.

When she returned home, a sense of eagerness to do something special for Rina overwhelmed her. After Yoshika and Takahiro had left Rina’s room after applying surgical spirits, Yoshika decided to unveil her surprise. She strolled over to the family piano near Rina’s bedroom entrance. Nervously, she sat on the bench, lifted the lid, and delicately positioned her fingers on the keys. Yoshika’s grand surprise entailed performing ‘The Waltz of the Flowers,’ a renowned classical piece inspired by the composer’s deep affection for his sister.

So, Yoshika believed this was the perfect moment to finally share this song with Rina in their home. She thought, “She’ll realize how much I love her.” With determination, Yoshika began to play the song. She anxiously kept an ear out, expecting Rina to signal her to stop banging on something. However, to her surprise, there was only silence. Yoshika continued to play the beautiful song. When it concluded, she cautiously waited for any sign of Rina’s disapproval or anger at the loud music, but there was only tranquillity. At that moment, Yoshika felt a deep connection with her sister, and soon, tears of joy rose in her eyes.

However, as Yoshika closed the piano lid, an unsettling noise reached her ears. It didn’t originate from Rina’s bedroom but rather from the front door. Moments later, a chilling scream pierced the air, echoing from beyond the front entrance: “Police, open up!” Yoshika’s heart raced, but her mother sprinted to it before she could approach the door. She hastily undid all four locks but cautiously cracked the door open, pleading with the police to leave. The officers, however, persisted, exerting pressure on the door and urging Yoshika’s mother to step aside. Yoshika shuffled closer, peering through the narrow opening, revealing that it wasn’t just a few police officers but an entire battalion accompanied by firefighters and EMTs. An ambulance stood nearby.

Before long, the persistent police officer, who had been shouting “Open up!” relentlessly, finally exerted enough force to swing the door open fully. A horde of uniformed figures promptly inundated the premises. When these officers entered the house, they began systematically inspecting every room as if searching for something elusive. Their journey led them to Rina’s bedroom, where they gingerly pushed the door ajar. Yoshika observed in astonishment as the officers, upon entering, suddenly froze at the threshold, their faces contorted in a mixture of profanity and outrage. Afterwards, they proceeded into Rina’s room, and within minutes, the crackle of their radios filled the air. Shortly after, a team of EMTs entered the house bearing a stretcher, which they subsequently wheeled into Rina’s bedroom. It wasn’t long before Yoshika, Takahiro, and their mother witnessed the stretcher’s reappearance, now carrying Rina, her appearance distressingly altered.

“Her eyes were deeply recessed in her skull, and her skin had become so pallid that it bordered on translucence. To put it plainly, she bore a striking resemblance to a skeletal figure. The events unfolding within that family’s residence would soon capture global attention, and it had nothing to do with Rina clandestinely crafting a masterpiece in her bedroom. Let’s uncover the true narrative:”

In April 2018, Rina significantly changed her life by ceasing to consume food. She firmly believed that her visionary soul alone could sustain her, rendering food unnecessary. Yoshika overheard a conversation between Rina and Takahiro, during which Takahiro expressed his astonishment, asking, “Just your soul? But how is that even possible?” He struggled to comprehend how Rina intended to survive solely on the nourishment of her soul, finding the concept utterly perplexing.

Jump ahead four months to August 18, and once more, Yoshika found herself eavesdropping on her brother and sister conversing behind closed doors. However, on this particular day, tensions seemed to be running high between Takahiro and Rina. At some point, Takahiro had risen from his seat and angrily shouted through the door, “I told you that your soul wasn’t sufficient!” He then forcefully entered Rina’s room, remaining silent for an hour. When he eventually emerged, he calmly informed Yoshika, “Not to worry, Rina is nearing the completion of her masterpiece, and all we need to do is fetch her more surgical spirits.”

It turned out that Takahiro’s frustration and outburst towards Rina stemmed from his attempts to communicate with her through the door, only to receive no response. He suspected it was because she hadn’t been eating, which led to his yelling at her before entering her room. Inside, he found Rina completely unresponsive, motionless, and silent. At that moment, he stood there, unsure of what to do.

As Takahiro lingered in the room, he suddenly realized it was time to take action. He left the bedroom, fetched Yoshika, and they hurried to the pharmacy together to acquire more surgical spirits. Returning to Rina’s room, Takahiro took it upon himself to follow through with something she had previously requested: he carefully covered her head to toe with these spirits. He believed this was what she needed in her immobility and silence, trusting that it would help nourish her visionary soul while she worked on her masterpiece.

“For the following month, Takahiro and Yoshika diligently continued to apply these surgical spirits to Rina’s body, convinced that they were aiding her in completing her magnum opus. On September 25, during one of their trips to the pharmacy to replenish their supply of spirits, the pharmacist finally struck up a conversation with Yoshika. Over time, the pharmacist noticed an unpleasant odour emanating from them every time they came to purchase the surgical spirits. On this particular day, the stench was so overpowering that the pharmacist couldn’t help but ask Yoshika, ‘Could you tell me what you use these surgical spirits for?’ Yoshika responded with an unusual explanation, mentioning her sister and a mysterious masterwork she was working on in her bedroom, insisting that it would all be worth it.”

So, on that fateful day when Yoshika and Takahiro departed, the pharmacist was deeply unsettled and concerned enough to contact the police. When law enforcement arrived at the family’s residence, they made a grim discovery: Rina was not labouring on a masterpiece in her bedroom; rather, she had been lifeless in her bed for approximately six weeks. Rina’s passing occurred around August 18, the day Takahiro had entered the room to find her unresponsive. This revelation shattered any notion of a reconciliation between Yoshika and Rina, casting doubt on why Takahiro had informed Yoshika of such an improbable scenario. After all, Rina had passed away by that point, rendering any communication from her impossible.

So, those moments when Yoshika believed she was having heartfelt conversations with her sister through the door or playing music for her turned out to be mere illusions. The stark reality was that, from August 18 until late September, when the police intervened, Yoshika and Takahiro engaged in the bizarre practice of applying medical alcohol to their deceased sister’s body almost daily, under the misguided belief that this is what Rina desired. In reality, this macabre ritual was inadvertently mummifying her remains.

Yoshika, Takahiro, and their mother faced charges of obstructing a proper and respectful burial. In Rina’s case, the exact cause of death remained undetermined, but it was assumed she had succumbed to starvation based on her appearance. Eventually, the court dropped the charges against the family, citing their severe mental health issues hindering a fair trial. This decision stemmed from the revelation that Yoshika, Takahiro, and their mother had not accepted Rina’s passing. They believed she remained alive, nourished by the spiritual rituals they performed on her, and diligently working on a significant project. Even to this day, several years later, the family still resides in the same cottage, leaving uncertainty about whether they have ever come to terms with the reality of Rina’s demise.

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