5 Key Ingredients of Mindset

You are not flesh on bones; you are a thought, meaning a factory whose machinery is the mind and whose product is thought.

Why are we different from each other? We vary in our faces, heights, complexions, etc., but what is the biggest difference? It’s our thoughts, which constitute our mindset.

What is the first ingredient in making it?

Let’s consider the number of ingredients required to make tea. Typically, we boil water, add tea leaves, sugar, and some may include cardamom or other flavors. Generally, tea is made with four main ingredients. Similarly, the mindset is comprised of five essential components.

1- Experience

I’m currently writing a blog that I anticipate will be completed within the next hour or possibly two. I have some experience in writing blogs, which is why I’ve taken on this task. Experience shapes one’s mindset.

2- Upbringing

Secondly, upbringing, also known as raising, is influenced by our environment, which is something we cannot change. Whether we were born into a home with good or bad circumstances, whether resources were abundant or scarce, the nature of our upbringing, our parents’ occupations, inheritance, the number of cars in the family, and whether the family lived together or separately—all these factors were part of our upbringing and were beyond our control.

This upbringing shapes our mindset, constituting an integral part of who we are.

3- Culture

Four things are essential for making tea, and five are crucial for mindset. Firstly, experience; secondly, upbringing; thirdly, culture. Regardless of the culture in which we reside, certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are established. Standards are created, encompassing everything from attire to communication style. These aspects collectively shape our culture in every facet of life.

I have visited the houses of many of my friends where I have met their mothers. I leaned myself in front of them; that’s a cultural norm. They put their hand on my shoulders as if I am their son, because in my culture, every elder is considered my elder.

Mothers are mutual, as are teachers. If any friend introduces me to their teacher, I bow to greet their teacher, because they are the teacher of my friend. Similarly, if it’s my friend’s father or mother, I show respect accordingly. This is my culture. Culture shapes our mindset.

4- Education

The fourth one is education. First, we were in kindergarten, then in college, and finally in university. I am against the education system that only tests memory but cannot measure our capabilities. It cannot measure morals.

According to the definition of education, character, creativity, and confidence are not adequately emphasized in today’s education system. My thesis is that if anyone is not helpful in any way to others, they are not progressing.

There are some individuals out there who, when asked for a pen or notes, would say, “My mom told me not to give it to anyone.” They don’t share bread or jackets with others who are in need.

It’s important to remember that those who never share their possessions do not progress or succeed. A person who seeks to succeed alone cannot do so. Success requires the support of friends and prayers. Without them, success is not attainable.

Thirty years of mindset are shaped by our upbringing. Mother advises against sharing with our cousin because he’s spoiled, and father echoes the sentiment. After three decades, no coach or trainer can alter his disposition.

Team building demands resilience and tolerance. An engine pulls even the last carriage, that’s true team building. Yet, our education often fails to instill such values.

5- Influencers

The fifth aspect that shapes your mindset is influencers or motivation. You can also refer to them as role models.

Why don’t we consider starting a business after graduation? We were given an example where a student pursued that path and built an empire. However, we lack such examples ourselves.

How can someone who has never eaten a banana or listened to lectures about bananas understand what a banana is?

Similarly, how can someone who has never tasted an orange be told about its characteristics, like it being citrus or that these are the best oranges in the world? If they don’t understand how increasing something affects the vitamin C content or the consequences of chemical spraying, just let them taste an orange. They would then realize what a blessing it is.

We often fail to recognize successful people with our own eyes. Let me tell you the primary cause of a nation’s decline: it’s because we resent success and successful individuals.

A new form of sport has emerged, which is trolling. Children do not read biographies; they don’t even know about the biggest heroes. They lack respect for their heroes; instead, they mock and taunt them. They engage in trolling and posting against them. They benefit from their heroes and then discard them like tissue paper.

They demonstrate such cruelty. And then, we plead for God’s help. We weep as we pray. God helps those who are grateful. May God have mercy on those who show mercy to others.

My friend, you should work on your mindset. You have been brought up with a certain culture; what would you change about education if given the opportunity?

It’s a myth to think that a revolution will come when we attain higher positions. For a single piece of meat, people slaughter a whole cow. This is what they do with our country. I urge you, if you want to engage in business, then only the fifth thing I mentioned is left: find some inspiration. Without inspiration, you will amount to nothing.

If you lack examples, if you haven’t seen anything, look at the people around you who are blessed. Have you found anyone better than you? If you haven’t found anyone, then you are a man consumed by ego. How can God have mercy on you in such a state?

I pray that God keeps you happy and free from anxiety, and may He grant you success. May He paint you with the colors of the world, as the elders used to pray. Thank you.

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