I literally connected my brain to GPT-4 with JavaScript

A human brain is a complex machine that emits measurable electrical impulses called brain waves. With the help of a futuristic device called the Crown, a compact electroencephalogram, people can now connect their brains to various applications. The Crown can measure brain waves streamed through a mobile app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. People can hack into their brain waves and access raw data using the Crown’s JavaScript SDK. Brain waves can be divided into patterns, such as delta, alpha, and gamma waves, and algorithms can recognize these patterns. The Crown provides a dashboard where people can train algorithms to recognize their custom thought patterns. Once a pattern is recognized, people can write code to do something useful, such as communicating with GPT4.

The Crown has a price tag of about one thousand dollars and can be worn on the back of the head. It has a bunch of tiny electrodes that measure brain waves. The Crown’s mobile app provides helpful utilities like how to improve focus, but it also provides access to raw data. Brainwave patterns are highly dynamic and can rapidly change depending on a person’s cognitive state, mental processes, and external stimuli. With the Crown, people can recognize and measure their thought patterns and use that data to communicate with applications like GPT4.

Neurosity is the company that makes the Crown, and it provides observables for specific mental states like calm and focus. People can subscribe to those mental states and run code as a side effect. The coolest thing about the Crown is that it allows people to recognize and listen to the thought patterns they trained earlier. For example, people can call generosity kinesis followed by the event’s name, such as a left-hand pinch. This feature allows people to turn themselves into a cyborg and control devices with their thoughts.

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