Mystery of Connie Christensen’s Disappearance


Misty LaBean’s lifelong search for the truth about her mother’s sudden departure 40 years ago has finally come to an end, thanks to the relentless efforts of investigators and advancements in forensic science. Connie Christensen’s mysterious disappearance, initially perceived as a voluntary choice by her family, took a dark turn as the scientific community and dedicated individuals collaborated to unveil the secrets hidden in the remains found decades ago.

The Discovery in East-Central Indiana:

The story begins in December 1982, when hunters stumbled upon human remains near Martindale Creek in east-central Indiana. The deteriorated condition of the remains due to flooding left them unrecognizable. A clay bust, created by a sketch artist, was the first attempt to reconstruct the face, but it yielded no results. The remains were eventually stored at the University of Indianapolis.

Persistence Pays Off:

The Wayne County Coroner’s Office, refusing to give up on identifying the deceased, revisited the case in 2021. Technological advancements allowed them to attempt DNA extraction from the remains. Despite initial failures, a breakthrough occurred when a bone from the foot provided enough genetic material for a usable DNA profile.

Genealogy and DNA Matching:

Simultaneously, a member of Christensen’s family had taken an interest in genealogy, encouraging relatives to submit DNA records to public sources. The Wayne County Coroner’s Office collaborated with the DNA Doe Project, a non-profit utilizing investigative genetic genealogy to identify anonymous remains. Within 24 hours, a potential family tree was crafted, leading to a strong lead: the Christensen siblings.

Reconnecting with the Past:

The coroner’s office, having narrowed down the possibilities, reached out to Connie Christensen’s daughter, Misty LaBean. Despite being initially skeptical, LaBean agreed to a DNA test. The match was positive, and Misty learned not only the identity of her mother but also the grim details surrounding her death – a gunshot wound.

Emotional Reckoning:

For Misty LaBean, the revelation brought a mix of emotions. Understanding the circumstances behind her mother’s absence provided closure but also ignited anger at the stolen opportunity to know her. Visiting the site where her mother’s remains were found, LaBean wondered about the circumstances that led to her mother being so far from home.

A Symbolic Reunion:

The story takes a poignant turn as Misty reclaims her mother’s opal ring, worn at the time of her death. The gold band, with two diamonds and an opal, now hangs around Misty’s neck. It symbolizes a connection between generations, as Misty herself becomes a mother.


Connie Christensen’s remains were laid to rest in April, surrounded by her relatives. Misty and her family are eager to embrace the lost mother and finally grieve the years of uncertainty and loss. The story serves as a testament to the power of science, persistence, and the enduring human need for closure, even in the face of painful revelations.

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