The Dark and Bizarre Tale of the Claremont Witch Coven


In the quiet town of Claremont, Illinois, a seemingly ordinary group of people would embark on an extraordinary and nightmarish journey in 2005. Three individuals – two men and a woman – were about to become entangled in a tale of dark magic, revenge, and tragic consequences. This is the eerie story of the Claremont Witch Coven and the disturbing events that unfolded that fateful night.

The Coven’s Ambitious Mission

In the heart of Claremont, a coven of witches led by a woman named Iria Cotner planned to break a powerful hex, a curse, that had been cast by one of the most feared dark witches in the town, a 16-year-old girl named Lindsay Cassinger. This hex was believed to be the source of misfortune, depression, and anxiety for Iria, spreading its malevolent influence to other members of the coven. To counter this dark magic, the coven decided to take drastic measures.

The Gathering

On the evening of August 22, 2005, 38-year-old Rick and his companion, a warlock named David Lindner, arrived at Iria’s apartment. Their purpose was to prepare for a ritual to break the hex. As they entered the apartment, the atmosphere was thick with incense and mystique. In the center of the living room, they found a circle of lit candles, setting the stage for the bizarre event that was about to unfold.

A Chilling Transformation

As Rick, David, and Iria assumed cross-legged positions within the circle of candles, an eerie transformation began. Iria, the coven’s leader, started speaking in a guttural, dark voice that seemed to emanate from within her. It was as if an otherworldly presence had taken control of her. The two men, expecting this, listened intently for their instructions.

The Ominous Instructions

Under the influence of the entity within her, Iria conveyed that the hex was still growing and that it had affected Rick and his family. Fueled by fear for his loved ones, Rick understood the urgency of the situation. They had to break the hex immediately. Iria provided them with a special tool for the ritual, and with that, Rick and David left her apartment and set out on their dark mission.

The Ill-Fated Plan

Their mission was to confront Lindsay, the dark witch believed to have cast the hex. The plan was to perform a sacred ritual involving a sacrificial knife to break the curse. Following her death, they would proceed with a ritual that would send her soul to the gates of hell. However, things took a horrific turn when they arrived at Lindsay’s house, unbeknownst to them, it was a house of innocence.

A Nightmarish Attack

As Rick and David attempted to sneak into Lindsay’s house, a series of unfortunate events unraveled. Their presence caused panic, awakening Josh Bennett, an Army private who was visiting his estranged mother in the house. What followed was a chaotic and terrifying attack. Josh’s mother and Josh himself fell victim to the violence, leading to a gruesome confrontation that left both of them critically wounded.

Betrayed by Their Own

In the midst of the violence, a neighbor intervened, leading to further chaos. David’s mania escalated, causing him to inadvertently shoot himself, resulting in his death. Rick, injured from a self-inflicted stab wound, fled the scene in a panic. The neighbor, horrified by the scene, immediately called 911.

Justice and Consequences

In the aftermath, Iria was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to 57 years in prison. Rick pleaded guilty to murder and received a 20-year sentence. A third member of the coven, who aided in covering up the crime, was sentenced to 32 years in prison.


The tale of the Claremont Witch Coven is a chilling reminder of the darkness that can consume individuals when motivated by jealousy and vengeance. What began as a quest to break a hex led to tragedy and ruin for all involved. This story serves as a haunting testament to the power of belief, superstition, and the consequences of acting on dark impulses.

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