The Terrifying Demon House of Enfield, Connecticut


In the spring of 2005, a young newlywed couple, Jay and Ela Yap, received the exciting news that they were expecting twins. Thrilled by the prospect of becoming parents, they embarked on a journey to find a new home to accommodate their growing family. Little did they know that their search for a new beginning would lead them to the eerie and unsettling tale of the Demon House of Enfield, Connecticut.

A Dream Home Turned Nightmare:

Jay and Ela’s quest for a suitable home initially seemed futile due to their limited budget. However, their persistence paid off when they stumbled upon an old, 200-year-old house for sale in the town of Enfield. Despite Ela’s unease upon entering the house for the first time, Jay saw it as a solid and safe place to raise their children. Reluctantly, Ela agreed, and they purchased the aging home, moving in with their two Yorkie dogs.

Strange Occurrences Begin:

The first sign that something was amiss occurred when their dogs exhibited unusual behavior. Normally quiet and playful, the dogs became skittish and aggressive, barking at unseen entities. The couple dismissed this as a reaction to their new environment, hoping things would settle down. But, as it turned out, this was just the beginning of their unsettling experiences.

Ela’s Frightening Fall:

Only a few months into living in their new home, Ela experienced a terrifying incident. While seven months pregnant, she was pushed down the stairs by an unseen force, causing her to fall onto her stomach. Panicked and in pain, she rushed to the hospital, fearing for her babies. Thankfully, her twins were unharmed, but the incident left her with an unshakable feeling of dread.

Encounters with a Black Hound:

One day, while babysitting the twins, their sitter, Michelle Zigler, witnessed strange phenomena. The dogs began acting agitated, barking at something invisible, and Michelle saw a menacing black dog in the hallway. Terrified, she recounted the encounter to the Yaples, leading to her decision to quit her babysitting job.

A Dark History Uncovered:

Desperate to understand their home’s sinister occurrences, Jay enlisted the help of a local historian, Colleen Heidi. They discovered that their home had a grim history, with over 20 deaths recorded over the past two centuries. These deaths included tragic accidents, suicides, and unexplained incidents that cast a shadow over the house’s history.

Seeking Help from Paranormal Experts:

With their home plagued by paranormal activity, the Yaples sought assistance from paranormal experts. The Enfield Paranormal Society, led by Matt Kray, conducted an investigation that revealed high levels of spiritual activity. Matt believed they were dealing with a non-human spirit, a malevolent force that seemed to despise the living.

The Intervention of a Priest:

Due to the severity of the situation, the Yaples contacted Connecticut Paranormal and enlisted the help of Bob Baker, a paranormal investigator with experience in demonic hauntings. He brought in Father Bob Bailey, a priest experienced in dealing with such cases. Their efforts led to the discovery of the demon’s hiding place in the basement.

Spiritual Warfare and Cleansing:

A spiritual medium named Paula O’Brien joined the team, and together they conducted a cleansing of the house. During the process, several individuals fell ill, but they persisted. Eventually, they felt the oppressive presence of the demon lift, leaving the Yaples with hope that their home would heal.


The Yaples’ story of the Demon House of Enfield, Connecticut, is a chilling tale of a family’s struggle against a malevolent force that invaded their home. With the help of paranormal experts and a priest, they managed to confront and weaken the demon. While their battle continues, their hope is that their home will ultimately be freed from its sinister grip, allowing them to live in peace once more.

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