Strange Stories in Russia


Sometimes, real-life events can be even more mind-boggling than any fictional story. In this blog, we’ll delve into three remarkable and bizarre stories that exemplify this notion. From a reckless pilot’s fatal bet to a tragic accident involving rotting potatoes, and an unsettling act of revenge, these tales are bound to leave you amazed and perhaps a little disturbed.

Story 1: The Reckless Bet

On October 20, 1986, a Russian passenger plane was about to land at an airport. The plane, under the command of Captain Alexander Cluv, had 94 occupants, including passengers and crew. Captain Cluv, bored of the routine, had a sudden and dangerous idea. He turned to his co-pilot, Genned Zerov, and proposed a bet: “Can I land this plane blindfolded?” In a reckless moment, they blocked all windows in the cockpit and proceeded to attempt the landing blind. The air traffic controller pleaded with them to abort, but they ignored the warnings. The landing was disastrous, resulting in a horrific crash. Shockingly, Captain Cluv survived, but 70 people perished, including his co-pilot. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, a consequence of a reckless and tragic gamble.

Story 2: The Deadly Potatoes

In August 2013, 8-year-old Maria Chela was engrossed in drawing a picture of a horse at her kitchen table in a Russian suburb. Her father, M, was nearby, chopping onions. In a playful moment, he pretended to cry due to the onions’ effects on his eyes. Maria found it amusing. As M realized he needed potatoes for dinner, he left to retrieve them from the cellar. However, M unintentionally shut the cellar door behind him. As time passed, a noxious odor permeated the house, and the smoke alarm went off. Maria’s grandmother and brother tried to investigate, but they, too, ended up unconscious from the toxic fumes. Maria, who had not ventured to the cellar yet, was the sole survivor due to an open door. The tragedy was a result of rotting potatoes producing deadly fumes, sealing the fate of her family.

Story 3: The Vengeful Act

In 1993, pregnant Diane Shap was in a German hospital for complications, away from her husband, Sergeant Steven Shap. They had contemplated divorce, but Diane’s pregnancy added complexity to their situation. She told Steven that they couldn’t reconcile, not just because of the pregnancy, but due to infidelity as well. Steven, heartbroken and seeking a way to win her back, went to her house to gather her belongings. In a moment of despair, he discovered evidence of her affair with his best friend, Gregory Glover. He grabbed a knife and packed it, planning revenge. Steven confronted Gregory and savagely attacked him, leaving him lifeless. In a shocking act of cruelty, Steven brought Gregory’s severed head to the hospital to confront Diane, revealing his twisted determination.


These three stories serve as a stark reminder that reality can sometimes be more shocking and astonishing than any fictional tale. The depths of human behavior, from reckless gambles to tragic accidents and acts of revenge, are boundless. While fiction can capture the imagination, real-life events can often leave us dumbfounded and haunted by the inexplicable actions of people. The truth is, sometimes it’s not just strange; it’s stranger than fiction.

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