The Terrifying Truth of the Amityville Horror: Real or Hoax?


Would you live in a house with a gruesome past, raising a family within its walls, knowing that a horrific crime had taken place there? The Lutz family faced this chilling dilemma when what seemed to be their dream home turned into a living nightmare. The infamous Amityville horror, located in Long Island, New York, became the stuff of legends, and their spine-tingling story will make you think twice about reading this blog in the dark.

The Dream Home:

In 1975, George and Cathy Lutz embarked on a journey to find their perfect family home, a place where they could raise their three children. Little did they know that the house they found in Amityville, New York, would become a living nightmare. The house was a sprawling property with ornate woodwork, a boathouse, and access to water. It was a massive upgrade from their previous home.

However, during the tour, the real estate agent dropped a bombshell. A year before, the DeFeo family had met a gruesome end in the house, victims of a mass murder. George and Cathy decided to buy the house anyway, believing it had been cleaned and remodeled. They were blissfully unaware of the horrors that awaited them.

The Unsettling Beginnings:

Shortly after moving in, the Lutz family began experiencing strange and unsettling events. They felt spots of intense cold throughout the house, saw shadowy figures out of the corner of their eyes, and had an overwhelming feeling of being watched by invisible eyes. But these were just the tip of the iceberg.

Terrifying Nightmares:

As the days went by, the family’s experiences escalated. They were often woken up around 3:30 a.m. by loud, gunshot-like noises that reverberated through the house. These noises were often accompanied by footsteps and banging. George even heard strange music coming from the basement when there was no stereo or radio in the vicinity.

The Sewing Room:

The family’s youngest child, Missy, had a room that became a focal point of paranormal activity. The sewing room, which Father Ray had felt uncomfortable in, became infested with flies in the middle of December. Flies in the dead of winter were highly unusual. Maggots and flies seemed to appear out of thin air, defying explanation.

A Family’s Transformation:

The constant paranormal activity began to take its toll on the Lutz family. George became obsessed with the fireplace, convinced that he could never get warm enough. Cathy, too, changed, experiencing unsettling events when she was alone. She felt the touch of unseen hands and even had her hair braided by an invisible presence. These encounters eventually escalated, leading to a horrifying incident where George saw his wife’s face transform into that of an old woman.

The Mysterious Entity Jodie:

The youngest child, Missy, formed a bond with an imaginary friend named Jodie. This “friend” appeared as a large pig with glowing red eyes and communicated with Missy in a deep, ominous voice. The family was increasingly convinced that they were dealing with something otherworldly.

The Warren Investigation:

The Lutz family contacted renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who conducted an investigation. Lorraine sensed a malevolent presence, describing it as something not of this world but originating from the depths of the Earth. Mary Pastor Rella, a time walker, experienced disturbing visions during her walk through the house.

The Family’s Escape:

After just 29 days in the house, the Lutz family fled, leaving behind their possessions. They experienced a night of sheer horror, during which they witnessed levitation, banging, and screaming. But their nightmare was far from over.

Legacy of the Amityville Horror:

The Amityville horror story has been the subject of much debate, with allegations of a hoax. However, the Lutz family lost their life savings, credibility, and possessions. They maintained the validity of their experiences until the end. The house still stands but has been renovated and altered to deter curious visitors.


The haunting of the Amityville house, as experienced by the Lutz family, remains a disturbing and perplexing tale. Whether you believe it was a true account of supernatural terror or a hoax, their story serves as a chilling reminder that once a house has you, it never wants to let you go. The Lutz family endured an ordeal that would haunt them for the rest of their lives, and the true nature of the horror that lurked in their dream home remains a mystery to this day.

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