The Art of Finding Balance: Navigating the Digital World While Cultivating Deep Thought

As I told myself not to reach for my pocket, I realized I needed to put my phone in another room, turn off the internet, and set my devices to Do Not Disturb. I needed to think and avoid losing myself to distraction. In his book, “Deep Work,” Cal Newport explains that we live in a world that demands more thought and deep work than ever before, yet we are becoming increasingly incapable of focusing. We must balance connecting to the digital world and taking time for deep thought.

Life is about finding the sweet spot between too much and insufficient. We need to take time to think deeply and ask ourselves the big-picture questions, even if it means stepping outside of our routines. When we outsource our thinking, we outsource our future. The danger of losing the ability to examine oneself and think deeply about our goals is a trap we must avoid. We need to make time to at least roughly chart our course and understand what matters and what doesn’t.

Being alone, even briefly, is challenging for many of us. Solitude is where we uncover so much, where we hear what our souls have to say, and where we understand who we are. Walking alone, without a phone, for even 15 minutes, can be helpful. It allows us to think about life, who we are, what we want, and where our current reality aligns. It’s a valuable process, and we should let our minds wander amidst the push and pull of life. Finding a balance between being connected to the world and taking time to think deeply is important.

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