What are the Pros and Cons of Discussing Pornography: Is it Productive or Harmful for Society?

Discussing pornography is not productive as it doesn’t seem to benefit anyone. While there may be some potential educational value and pleasure derived from the material, it is not a net social good and does not make people better human beings.

There may be shame associated with pornography, but it is more complicated than just cultural influences. While introducing pornography to a community may lower sexual crime rates, it doesn’t consider all the other effects of pornography.

The super-stimulating nature of pornography and its novelty edge can lead to it becoming more extreme over time, and it is not a substitute for real intimacy. Deprivation can help drive us forward and enhance our desires and drives.

Pornography is parasitical, offering pleasure without responsibility, and can be addictive due to the super stimuli it provides. While there may be some utility in pornography, it is not without its adverse effects.

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