How Can I Improve My Voice and Make It Sound More Confident and Attractive?

I wish I had a deeper voice so that women would be more attracted to me. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to deepen our voices significantly. The depth of our voices is primarily determined by the length and thickness of our vocal cords, which are determined by the amount of testosterone we are exposed to during puberty. Speaking in a lower pitch can damage our vocal lines and make it difficult for others to understand us. However, just because our voice isn’t a deep baritone doesn’t mean we can’t have a manly voice. The most male voice is the one we already have – we need to find and own it. A good voice is filled with warmth and expression, has an even resonance, carries well, and has a wide range of natural pitches.

To improve our voice, we can do two things. First, we need to find our natural pitch and optimal tone by projecting our representative from our mask, which is the area on our face that includes our lips and the bridge and sides of our nose. We can do this by answering a statement with a spontaneous and sincere “hmm” while keeping our lips closed and feeling for a slight vibration in our mask area. Once we’ve found our optimal pitch and tone, we can focus on speaking with it.

Second, we can improve our voice by breathing from our diaphragm. Most people live with their chest, which is weak and squeezes the throat area, causing strain on our agent. Breathing from our diaphragm gives our representative more power and even deepens it without the ill effects of speaking from our throat.

Improving our natural voice is doable and within our reach. While the timbre of our voice may never be perfect, we can still make the best of what we have and give others confidence in the sound of our words. So, let’s own our voice and not worry too much about whether it’s manly enough.

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