Understanding the Three Types of Bellies: Sagging, Protruding, and Lower Pooch.

Let’s talk about the three types of bellies. The first type is the sagging belly caused by visceral fat. Visceral fat is dangerous as it obstructs the function of organs, increases inflammation, and creates problems with insulin resistance. It is triggered by too much insulin, which can be caused by too many carbohydrates or stress from cortisol. Cortisol indirectly increases insulin, starting glucose production from non-carbohydrate sources, leading to belly fat. Exercise does not significantly decrease insulin levels, but keeping carbs low in your diet can help. Stress can be reduced through various methods, including fixing your sleep and dealing with sources of stress, like certain personality types.

The second type of belly is the protruding belly, which results from a liver problem, usually cirrhosis or advanced liver disease. This type of belly is caused by fluid build-up in the abdomen, indicating a severe liver issue. It is difficult to reverse unless caught earlier, and a complete lifestyle change is required to improve the prognosis.

Finally, the third type is the lower puppy, which is superficial subcutaneous fat caused by too much estrogen. This type of belly is not necessarily dangerous but can affect self-confidence.

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