What motivates women, and what do they want from men?

When it comes to what motivates people, it can vary. Women are not motivated by money because they don’t necessarily want to make their own money. If a woman can make a lot of money quickly, she would instead work less and enjoy the rest of her time doing fun things and getting attention. Women want to have fun and engagement in their lives; if they have those things, they’re not interested in much else.

What women want from men depends on the woman’s age, her life stage, and what she’s looking for. They want a man who can provide fun, excitement, and adventure. They want someone who can solve their problems, provide stability and safety, and make them feel important. They don’t necessarily care about how much money a man has, but they want what the money can provide, like the ability to take time off work and go on trips.

Women are motivated by their emotions; if a man can spike a feeling in them, it can affect them positively. Even if a woman hates a man, it’s better than being apathetic toward him because it shows that he has affected her somehow. A man must also be entertaining and all-encompassing, which means he can fix most of her problems and provide drama and excitement when needed. If a woman comes to a man with an issue and can’t fix it, he may lose her attraction.

In toxic relationships, women may enjoy extreme jealousy or the fact that their partner is obsessed with them, but this is not a healthy way to be in a relationship. Women want a man who can provide fun, excitement, stability, and safety while being entertaining and able to solve their problems.

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